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Homestay in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton Condo complex

Edmonton - Alberta, Canada

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Price per week USD$100 Accomodation Type Homestay
Availability Sun, 01-Aug-2010 Available Rooms 1
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Airport Pickup Yes
Smoking Outside Only Pet in the house Yes
Property Information

Edmonton Condo complex

Very close to bus. Outside condo complex. YMCA is very close.  Adult Building.  No partying.  We are very patient. No coupling allowed!
Buddhists. No discrimation. No swearing etc.

We are excellant cooks. You may prepare meals yourself if you want. We cook almost everything. Chinese Authenic. French Canadian. We speak English, French, some Mandarin, most Latin Based Languages. We teach languages and are Translators.
We have a large Television and computer system.

Please provide references.

We are very reasonable.

We have a cat.
Macs near by and Safeway, Sobeys..etc. Tim Hortons a walk away.

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